"As an entrepreneur, one of the most important tasks you can perform is getting your idea(s) out from your head into a tangible format so that you can communicate that with others. In the past, this usually meant a well-researched business plan, that would usually take weeks (more like months) to create.

I turn to the Lean Canvas to help me quickly formulate possible business models, product launches, campaigns and variations of, and communicate this with my stakeholders for my Lead Flow Method work. Having the Lean Canvas as a visual guide made this part “communicating the model/idea” so much more effective — and I think the most valuable function of the tool."




Lean Canvas



Pitch Deck - Tell Your Story
A. Cover Page

Business Name

Founder’s Name (optional)

An image of the product (optional)



C. The Business Model

Products and Services

Existing Customers



Legal Organization


E. Marketing

Business Name and Image
Service or Product

G. Finance

Requirements - to action foreign markets

Owner's Investment

Cash Flow




B.  Executive Summary

The Business Concept


Company Background

Target Market - Domestic and Foreign


D. Feasibility

Location Analysis

Market Potential - Domestic and Foreign


Sales Forecast



F. Operations

Space and Equipment

Methods and Procedures





H. Strategic Growth

Growth Strategy

Financing Growth


Step-by-Step Guide to Exporting


Government of Canada

Resource Outline:


1. Assessing your export market

2. Globalization

3. Export plan

4. Target market

5. Marketing strategy

6. Entering target market

7. Export financing & Logistics

8. Legal issues & E-Commerce





·assess export readiness

·export plan framework

·research your target market

·consider export marketing plan


·financial considerations

·legal issues

·social responsibility practices


 1. Assessing your export market:

•Exporting: What's in it for you

•Are you ready?

•Evaluating your export potential

•International business and science, technology and innovation

•Export quiz: are you ready?


 2. Globalization:

•About globalization

•Understanding global value chains

•Growth of global value chains

•GVCs and Canadian exporter

•GVCs and your business


 3. Export plan - PDF

•Why plan?

•Foundation: your business plan

•Building on the foundation: your export plan


 4. Identifying your target Market

•Understanding international market research

•Types of market research


 5. Marketing Strategy

•Understanding export marketing plans

•The many Ps of international marketing

•Building your export marketing plan

•Setting prices


•Marketing tools


 6. Entering Target Market

•Understanding entry strategies

•Refining your entry strategy

•Methods of market entry

•Free trade agreements

•Evaluating use of intermediaries

•Selecting the right intermediary


 7. Logistics & Export Financing

•International trade regulations

•Export declarations

•Export permits

•Delivering products

•Freight forwarders and brokers

•Packing your goods

•Labels and marks

•Transportation insurance

•Export documentation

•Duty deferral and duty relief

•Delivering services: How it's different


•Understanding the risks of export financing

•Leveraging capital

•Where to get financial help

•Methods of collecting payment

•Insuring against non-payment


 8. Legal issues & E-Commerce

•Understanding international contracts

•Understanding ’proper law’

•Contracts for sale of goods

•Contracts for sale of services

•Negotiating in other business cultures

•Responsible Business Conduct

•Meeting international standards

•Protecting IP rights

•Resolving disputes


•Understanding e-commerce

•E-exporting: using the Internet to export

•Applications and benefits

•Assessing your e-commerce potential


•Technical side of e-commerce

•Finding e-leads

•Checking e-leads


•Supporting your online customers

•Social media networks